Sailing expedition to Greenland

2 July 2022 16:00 up to and including 16 July 2022 19:00

Join the Wylde Swan in a trip to the wilderness of East-Greenland. Come aboard experience the fjords, icebergs and meet the whales!

Sailing expedition to Greenland


The main stops of our journey to Greenland are Angmassalik, the Sermilik Fjord, the Tiniteqilaak settlement, the Iohan Fjord, the Ikassa Fjord, the Knud Rasmussen Glacier and the Sermiligaaq settlement.


Ammassalik (also known as 'Tasiilaq') is the largest settlement in East-Greenland. It is the island with the highest population on the Eastern Coast, and Tasiilaq is one of the fastest-growing towns in Greenland.

During our visit we will attend a workshop on creating the Greenlandic tupaliq figures and have a walk around the settlement.

Sermilik Fjord

The name of the fjord, 'Sermilik' means 'place with glaciers', and it's well known for it's massive icebergs. We will come as close as possible, and hear the cracking ice! Also, whales visit this area regularly.

Tiniteqilaak settlement

An old Inuit village that's located in the Sermilik fjords. We'll have a walk where you're able to boy some souvenirs of local hunters and fishermen. It's one of the most exciting and beautiful locations in Greenland.

Iohan Fjord

You could describe this place as 'Greenlandic Patagonia', since the landscape is mountainious. It's a perfect place for hiking and fishing.

Ikassa Fjord

During World War 2 the U.S. military built some bases and airfields to enhance the connection between the USA and Europe. In 1947 they left, and abandoned all the equipment. Time for us to visit this open-air museum after sailing in the fjord during low tide.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Greenland's Ice sheet is the world's second largest fresh water reserves. The color of this glacier is intense blue, and we will inspect it from as close as we can get since glaciers are dangerous floating ice-bergs for ships.

Sermiligaaq settlement

Sermiligaaq is Greenlandic for 'beautiful glacier fjord'. About 200 hunters and fishermen live in the village. All catches are sold to the fish-processing-plant in Kuummiut.



The global sailing schedulof this voyage is shown below. But ofcourse, as all things aboard the Wylde Swan: everything is 'subject to change' and open for suggestions.

Day 0

You will board the Wylde Swan at the port of Reykjavik, check your cabin and have a look round the boat. First things first: after the boat tour there's a safety drill, following with a BBQ-dinner on deck with the crew and trainees.

Day 1 - 3

Let's go sailing! While sailing towards Greenland you're able to join multiple acitivities aboard. Duties, lectures, practical sailtraining and watch instructional films. Before you realize you will arrive in Greenland!

Day 4 - 13

Experience all beautifull aspects of Greenland during our sailing trip round the world's largest island. While sailing you will have duties, lectures and intentse practical (sail)training aboard the Wylde Swan.

Day 14

You will arive back in Iceland. Time to clean the ship and pack your luggage. At 10:00 it's time to disembark, and if you'd like there's the possibilitie to join the BBQ at 19:00 with new trainees.



€ 4500.00